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French Drain System Installation

Mastering Drainage Solutions with Custom French Drains

Are you tired of dealing with waterlogged areas around your property every time it rains? Look no further – our custom-built French drains can be an excellent solution to combat ground saturation and prevent further foundation issues.

In most cases, French drains in Arizona are installed around the foundation of buildings to prevent water from going underneath. They are also installed in areas that constantly remain wet, even if it has not rained for days.

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What Is a French Drain?

French drains are trench drainage systems that are carefully filled with gravel or rock and perforated piping. They are popular and recommended lawn drainage systems, especially for residential properties, because the pipes get rid of unwanted, standing water and send ground and surface water to a well-established drain-off area.

French drains are also often called basement drains, drain tiles, weeping tiles, footing drains, and perimeter drains.

Benefits of Installing a Custom French Drain

  • High quality and very cost-effective
  • Superior water drainage performance
  • Relieve groundwater pressure
  • Protect landscape and building foundations
  • Custom-designed French drain system
  • Installed carefully based on your property
  • Easy to disguise after installed
French drain installation in Phoenix AZ

How is a French Drain Installed?

In the problem area, a deep trench needs to be dug. If the French drain is being installed around the foundation of a building, it must be at least 5 inches below the foundation to make sure water can not get under the building.

The French drain is made up of putting filter fabric in the trench, partially filling the trench with gravel, installing a 4″ S&D perforated pipe wrapped in fabric on top of the gravel, and then partially filling the trench with gravel again.

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